Expert Solutions for Retinal Problems

The Eye Doctors will be able to tell you if your problem is associated with nearsightedness, injury, diabetes, aging or macular degeneration, which occurs when the central portion of the retina begins to fail, making it difficult to see fine detail and distinguish color. You may even have inherited your retinal condition.

To find the exact cause of your problem, we use the latest diagnostic methods:

  • Digital angiography produces a photographic image of blood vessels to detect lesions in the retina.
  • Ocular ultrasound produces an image of the retina to detect tumors, tears and detachments.
  • OCT (ocular coherence tomography) gives a picture of microscopic structures of the retina.

We will then help you make an informed choice for treatment:

  • Laser
  • The latest and most effective treatments for macular degeneration.
  • Consultations and second opinions.